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About Us:

The Slakon company is included in ten leaders of the largest producers of confectionery production in the Russian Federation. Firm sweets from Slakon are on sale in all large cities of Russia, and also neighboring countries. In 9 cities of Russia branches function: Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Magnitogorsk, Kurgan, Ufa, Orsk and 1 production site: Shadrinsk. The company successfully works for 15 years and its share in the Russian market makes 2,6%. During this time the credo of the company was accurately issued: "Ability to combine in a product original compoundings and the traditional tastes fallen in love by everything". Today we offer our consumer more than 275 types of weight and packed-up production - pankeyka, wafers, wafer pies, candies, cookies, gingerbreads and crackers are issued under Slakon brand. Earlier production in the market was presented to TM "Bubi-Yubi" - the winner of various exhibitions and the competitions, proved in the nominations:" For an optimum combination of the price and quality ", " for high achievements in ensuring quality of production ", " for expansion of the range of production and increase of its competitiveness".   In 2012 the large project on development of a brand of Slakon and design of packing was started.   We trace all the latest tendencies in packing of confectionery and we try to satisfy taste of the most exacting client.  

Relying on 300-year-old experience of the Russian confectionery industry and considering requirements of modern society, we offer something new: Convenient pastries! 

Our manufactore:

The main advantage/superiority of the Slakon company - own production. Wafers, cookies (sugar, rich long and crackers), gingerbreads, wafer pies and a biscuit delicacy - pankeyka the Chelyabinsk company Slakon lets out on the production site located in Shadrinsk. The city is famous for the mineral water which is used at production of confectionery. Origin of the company began with purchase in 1998 of the Shadrinsk Bakery. Reconstruction of buildings, shops, warehouses began, process of acquisition of the new equipment and equipment followed. For an embodiment in reality of the most courageous confectionery ideas, having provided thus stable high quality, the equipment is used most modern and reliable hi-tech Japanese (RHEON), Italian (PADOVANI) and German (FRANZ HAAS). All processes of production are automated, beginning from raw materials preparation before production packing. The main objective of production - to provide the market with qualitative production, to use only natural ingredients bringing benefit to health of the buyer, having created the worthy competition of import production. Team of technologists of the company, leaning on "house" and most tasty compoundings, improve them to full originality and refinement. We aspire that life of each our buyer became a little more sweet.

We offer the consumer qualitative, useful and in too time with fine flavoring properties a product. We are baked about you!

Our confectionery are in wide demand in Russia and the neighboring countries. Thanks to high quality loyalty of consumers to a product of the Slakon company remains steadily high for many years. 

Our quality:

"Slakon" production – the winner and the student of various exhibitions and competitions. It was repeatedly awarded by diplomas "For expansion of the range of production and increase of its competitiveness", "For an optimum combination of the price and quality", "For high achievements in ensuring quality of production". 

Our products:

An assortment row Slakon consists more, than of 275 names including a wide choice of various cookies, gingerbreads, wafers and crackers – all with what can please the consumer confectionery the enterprise. Thus the main objective of the company – to provide the market with qualitative and inexpensive cookies, having created worthy replacement of import production. For release of competitive production the factory uses the most modern Japanese, Italian and German equipment. For example, for production of wafers with a stuffing at the end of 2005 the German equipment of the well-known firm FRANZ HAAS was acquired. FRANZ HAAS Waffelmachinen is a group of companies with 100-year history which is known around the world that releases hi-tech wafer cars. Today the HAAS firm is the international group of the industrial enterprises. Fruitful partnership is supported with it by many European countries, including Russia and Belarus.

It isn't necessary to forget and about the recipes which secrets are preserved by team of technologists of the enterprise. On the basis of ancient German compoundings they develop all new and new types of wafers. The wafers made on the equipment of HAAS firm, differ high quality and fine flavoring properties, and the variety of forms and stuffings will pleasantly surprise the most exacting buyer. Special pride of the Slakon trademark is production of rich cookies of various forms. Combinations of different types of dough, application of the most tasty stuffings – all this result of use of cars of the Japanese company Rheon. One of the cars most demanded in production – a testodelitel. When using this equipment there is no dough damage, and there is no need to use chemical additives and an additional fermentation. Exactly thanks to this equipment high quality of cookies is reached. The baking structure complete, and a product possesses rich taste and delightful aroma. The main volume of made production of "Slakon" makes sugar cookies. Tens forms, various toppings, various thickness and the sizes – all this provides which year the Italian equipment of the PADOVANI firm, one of the European leaders on production of the equipment for the confectionery industry. It possesses a solid know-how in production of any types of rotors for production of all types of cookies. Thus, cookies have Bol accurate drawing and a form, and perfectly look on shelves of supermarkets. 

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